Activity Sessions 2 (Videos)

Activity/Sessions 2

The sessions displayed below and examples of what your session can look like, with simple explanations on how to run and change up that particular session. These should be used in conjunction with the CDSFA session books, also avaible in this coaching section under RESCOURCES. These session videos have been created and shareed with us by MOJO who have other rescources that you may also be interested in on their own site, check them out


Gates Passing

U6+ activity.

What is pressure?

U8+. using DELAY while defending.


U8+. juggling in groups.

Common shooting mistakes

U10+. developing shooting at goal techniques.

Dribbling in tight spaces

U9+. keeping the ball away from a defender.


Dribbling with different parts of the foot

U9+. RWB techniques.

Dynamic Stretching Warmup

U12+. warm up activities (older players).


How to cross the ball

U12+. crossing the ball.

How to do a block tackle

U9+. defending in a 50/50 situartion.

How to do a Cruyff turn

U9+. fake, turn, move technique.

How to do a corner kick

U9+. kick from the corner.


How to do a Give and Go

U8+. one / two passing.


How to do a Maradona turn

U8+. two footed step and turn.


How to do a poke tackle.

U10+. delay then stab at the ball to remove the ball from the attaker

How to do a pullback

U9+. step on the ball and change direction.

How to do a scissor

U9+. step and fake to get past a player.


How to do a throw-in

U8+. throw in from the sideline.


How to do a stepover

U8+. step and fake over the ball.

How to do the Ronaldo chop

U9+. skip and slice the ball away the defender.


How to do an overlapping run

U9+. movement to recieve the ball.

How to pass with laces

U8+. STB with power.


How to pass with the outside of the foot on the run

U9+. using the outside of either foot to pass.


How to juggle with the foot or thigh

U8+. keeping the ball up off the ground.

How to receive the ball in the air with your feet

U10+. FT by cushioning the ball to bring it under control.

How to receive the ball with your thigh

U9+. FT with your thigh to control the ball.


How to receive with your chest

U9+. FT with your chest to control the ball..

More to Score

U10+. SSG with everyone needing to score.

How to chip the ball

U10+ how to chip the ball.

What is attacking?

U10+. attacking as a team.


What is balance in defending?l

U9+. defending off the ball

What is cover in defending?

U8+. being the second defender.


What is defending?

U8+. capturing the ball from the attacking team.

What is dribbling?

U8+. running with the ball.


What is passing?

U8+. striking the ball to teammates.

Dancing Ball

U6+ ball mastery and agility.

Free Dribbling

U8+. RWB with ball manipulation.

2v2 to Small Goals: Attacking

U9+. two v two into mini goals.

2v2 to Small Goals: Defending

U8+. defending two v two into mini goals.

2v2v2 Keepaway 

U8+. keepy off in three groups.

3v2 to Goal

U8+. overloads into a  goal.

3v3+1 Keepaway

U9+. 3 v 3 with a joker to create an overload.


U9+. small sided game with emphasis on quick recapturing of the ball.


4v4 to 4 Goals: Attacking

U9+. SSG into multiple mini goals emphasising the attackers.

4v4 to 4 Goals: Defending

U9+. SSG into multiple mini goals emphasising defending.

4v4 to Endlines: Attacking

U9+. SSG into endzones emphasising attacking.

4v4 to Endlines: Defending

U9+. SSG into endzones emphasising defending.

4v4 to Small Goals: Attacking

U8+. one v one activity into mini goals.

5 Goal Game

U9+. SSG into multiple pass through goals.


U9+. SSG into goals with bonus passing points.


Criss Cross

U10+. SSG with scorring into multi goals.

Dean Smith

U10+. SSG rewarding team assists.

Flying Numbers

U10+. one v one into goals.

Goals Out

U10+. SSG into inverted goals.


Half and Half

U9+. SSG utilising the entire pitch.

Half Court Soccer

U10+. play into a goal, on possession they need to go to half way first.


U10+. SSG into small goals shooting from a central area.

Hot Box

U10+. SSG playing into goals without players entering the centra zone.

I Want To Be Like

U10+. one v one, with direct play into goals.


U8+. small sided game.