Defib Locations

A quick resource for if you need to locate a defibrillator at one of the grounds in the Football Canterbury region. Please note that many of the below are portable and are only on location during match days.

The list of grounds below are in alphabetical order:

  • Algie Park: Canteen
  • Balmain Road Sporting Ground: Portable defib sits behind the bench on game days
  • Barker Road (ACU): Next to the elevator in the stairwell leading to the change rooms
  • Beaman Park (Earlwood): Canteen
  • Beaman Park (HPW): Canteen
  • Bark Huts Reserve: n/a
  • Birchgrove Oval: Canteen
  • Blair Park: Canteen
  • Blick Oval: Changeroom
  • Bennett Park: In female visitor's change room (as you walk in the door to the left)
  • Campbell Park: In the Abbotsford JFC club shed, just inside the mail roller door
  • Centenary Park: Canteen
  • Cohen Park: n/a
  • Croydon Park: Canteen
  • Easton Park: Canteen
  • Earlwood Oval: In the clubhouse (on the wall above the barbecue)
  • Edwards Park: In the clubhouse (on the wall opposite the entrance)
  • Ewen Park: On the wall by the breeze-way
  • Gough Whitlam Park: In the canteen (on the wall near the sink)
  • Glover Street Fields: Canteen
  • Henley Park: One in the Community Room and one in the first aid room
  • King George Oval: Portable defib sits behind the bench on game days
  • Lambert Park: In the main office
  • Lance Hutchinson Reserve: n/a
  • Lees Park: Canteen
  • Leichhardt Oval Number 3: Canteen
  • Lysaught Park: n/a
  • Mackey Park: Upright AED at park entrance on Richardson Crescent (near clubhouse)
  • Majors Bay Reserve: Canteen
  • Mason Park: n/a
  • Neild Park: Canteen
  • Parry Park: In the storage room next to the canteen at Parry Park Field 2
  • Pratten Park: Canteen
  • Punchbowl Park: In the storage room next to the tennis courts
  • Queen Elizabeth Park: Clubhouse
  • Ron Routley Oval: Canteen
  • Rudd Park: In the clubhouse (on the back wall near the trophy cabinet)
  • Steel Park: In the storage room near canteen (in the amenities building)
  • Sydney Secondary College: Portable defib sits behind the bench on game days
  • Sydney University: One mounted on the wall in the corridor of the grandstand and one installed in the outdoor corridor next to Ralph’s Cafe
  • Strathfield Park: Canteen
  • Tempe Reserve: n/a: awaiting instillation
  • Timbrell Park: n/a: awaiting instillation
  • Waterfront Drive: Canteen

Map Reference

The map below shows the grounds that have defibrillators. Accurate as of 3 May 2023.