Bert Harvey Award

The Bert Harvey Award is the perpetual trophy awarded to the annual Fair Play winners of Football Canterbury.

Bert Harvey is a Life Member of the CDSFA (1977). During the period of 1968-1993 he held various positions within the Association involving himself in an array of football activities. Most notable of these are his long tenure as the Competition Secretary of the Association.

At club level, Bert was a stalwart of Marrickville Red Devils over many decades. His service included over a decade in the senior club positions of Secretary and Treasurer culminating in being bestowed Life Membership of the club.

Upon his passing the Association’s Fair Play award was names in Bert’s honour.


To be eligible for the Bert Harvey Fair Play Award, a club must have a minimum of ten competitive teams entered as well as the following:

  • If a club or its players are found guilty of causing an abandonment of a game, then the club is not eligible for the award
  • If a club has fielded a suspended or unregistered player, or utilised too many players on the bench then the club is not eligible for the award
  • The club with the lowest percentage of red cards (compared to the number of players registered) win the award

Titles By Club

Russell Lea Women’s SC: 9
Leichhardt Saints: 3
Hurlstone Park Wanderers: 2
Enfield Rovers: 1
Strathfield FC: 1
Burwood FC: 1
Ashfield Pirates: 1

Bert Harvey Award Winners

2003: Hurlstone Park Wanderers
2004: Enfield Rovers
2005: Strathfield FC
2006: Not awarded
2007: Not awarded
2008: Russell Lea Women’s SC
2009: Russell Lea Women’s SC
2010: Leichhardt Saints
2011: Russell Lea Women’s SC
2012: Leichhardt Saints
2013: Russell Lea Women’s SC
2014: Russell Lea Women’s SC
2015: Russell Lea Women's SC
2016: Russell Lea Women's SC
2017: Russell Lea Women's SC
2018: Leichhardt Saints
2019: Burwood FC
2020: Hurlstone Park Wanderers
2021: Not awarded due to incomplete season
2022: Ashfield Pirates

2023: Russell Lea Women's SC