'How to' (Goal Keeping Videos) Technical

Football: Goal Keeping Techniques

These instructive technical films for Goal keepers are examples of what your session can look like, with simple expanations on how to run and teach that particular Goal Keeping skill or technique. These should be used in conjunction with the CDSFA session books, also available on this Website in the coaching section under RESCOURCES. These session videos have been created and shared with us by MOJO who have other rescources that you may also be interested in on their own site, check them out www.mojo.sport.

Goalkeeping: Catch and Release

GK catching and then quick distribution.

Goalkeeping: Face-Off

1 v 1 GoalKeeper vs GoalKeeper.

 Goalkeeping: Hands Warmup

quick game of catch, to warm up.

Goalkeeping: Knees Diving

diving mechanics from the knees..

Goalkeeping: Pairs Passing and Catching

Goal Keepers recieving on their feet and hands and distribution.

Goalkeeper Distribution

Goal Keeper various distribution techniques.

Goalkeeper Footwork

Goal Keeping agility with left an right movement.

How do do a collapse dive

GK diving either side to save the ball on the ground.

How to do a diamond catch

diamond hand position catching techniques.


How to punt the ball

kicking from your hands (AFL style). NB. we can not use this technique till U13 but you can
always start to develop this earlier.

How to do a sidewinder punt

kicking from hands (AFL style). NB. we can not use this technique till U13. This is a
dififcult technique which takes longer to master, you can start to develop this technique earlier,
so when you are allowed to use it, you are able to.