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There has been a lot of attention in the global media and within various footballing associations about the negative effects of heading in junior players, with varying approaches being adopted around the world to tackle this issue. This includes a ban on heading in games for players under 11 years by US Soccer and the Football Associations of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. We, at Canterbury Football, have taken a more pragmatic and evidence-based approach, with a long term, gentle learning of correct heading technique to reduce head impact magnitude during heading.

By using, where possible, specifically designed (such as Heading Pro ®) soft balls in a staged limited repetition training environment, we can show players how to head the ball safely, and develop heading proficiency within a controlled, safe training environment using very low velocity balls from throw-ins before young players are expected to head a higher-velocity kicked ball in games.

These practices will teach the player the skills of safely managing ball-head impact as well as how to position their body during heading duels, so that they are better prepared when they are at an age where heading becomes far more common in the 11 aside game at aged 12-13 years+. In younger years, where small sided games are integral to skill development, there are very few aerial balls as ball movement on the ground is encouraged, but that does not mean we should ignore the technical learning of heading.

Although heading itself rarely causes concussions, we know that concussions can and do occur from heading duels (such as head-head clashes) and need to be taken very seriously with children. If there are head clashes or similar accidents, great care must be placed upon recognising the symptoms of concussion and removing the player from the game: “if in doubt, sit them out” and seek qualified medical advice.

Most clubs will have a process of requiring a medical clearance letter prior to the player being allowed to train or participate in future matches.



Football: Individual Heading Techniques

These instructive technical films for individual players are examples of what your session can look like, with simple explanations on how to run and teach that particular skill or technique. These should be used in conjunction with the CDSFA session books, also available on this Website in the coaching section under RESCOURCES. These session videos have been created and shared with us by MOJO who have other rescources that you may also be interetsed in on their own site, check them out www.mojo.sport.

Heading the ball

U8+. how to head a football. (follow guidlines, in Australia, no age restrictions).

How to juggle with the head

U10+ slow progression on how to head the ball with control .

Heading Progression

U10+. stages on learning how to head the ball.

How to juggle with the head

U10+ slow progression on how to head the ball with control .


Learn Heading by Progression plus Heading Pro Balls and Info

"Our research has shown that the Heading-Pro ball can reduce head acceleration by almost 50% in youth players when compared to a IFAB regulated match ball.”

Dr Kerry Peek | Senior Lecturer
- PhD (Behavioural Science), M Clin Sci, PG Cert (Sports Physiotherapy), BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy
- Accredited Coach of Australian Strength and Conditioning Association


1 Headers Kneeling Heading Pro Football

U10+. step 1, early stages on developing players heading ability.

2 Headers Seated Heading Pro Football

U10+. step 2, early stages on developing players heading ability.

3 Headers Standing Heading Pro Football

U10+. step 3, early stages on developing players heading ability.

4 Headers Defensive Heading Pro Football

U10+. how to defend using your head.

5 Headers Jumping Heading Pro Football

U10+. jumping to reach a ball to head.

6. Headers Attacking Heading Pro Football

U10+. how to attack the ball with your head.

7. Headers Redirecting in 3's Heading Pro Football

U10+. how to redirect a football with your head.