Game Leader 24


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MiniRoo Rules: See bottom of page.

How will it work?

Step One: Promoting and explanation

  • CDSFA Clubs will nominate GL Coordinators. EOI available (above).

Step Two: Preparation of the program

  • CDSFA will run and coordinate with Club support/assistance and build a group of GL & instructors/Mentors approved by the CDSFA / FA. See events page on this website for updated Venues and dates. By filling out the EOI above, you will be notified.

  • Hub coordinator applications will be sent via CDSFA, through the EOI, or directly via clubs.

Step Three: Delivering the program

  • GL register through the EOI (above link) and on DRIBL as a GL, and nominate which hub they would wish to work out of.
  • Appointments will be managed by Hubs/ DRIBL management system / pending on location and coordinators of venues. GL payments from the clubs (as currently operating, with clubs deciding on best practice for them EFT vs Cash). Only accredited GL are applicable to receive payment. Hub team pays 100% of the GL fee.
  • Additional Information:
    • U8/U9 $15 recommended per game
    • U10/11 $25 recommended per game
    • mentors $30 per hour

(Note: Some hubs have an alternate price guide, less than above, this is the  recomended payment structure for hubs).

Step Four: Ongoing

  • GL monitored by Coordinators / mentors and feedback supplied to GL’s and CDSFA, on a weekly game basis or as required via Dribl.

What do we need now?

Club Requirements:

  • GL‘s, GL mentors at hubs, HUB Supervisor/Trainers, payment structure. Game day supervisor (currently orange Vest official).
  • Mentors and Field Officials and seen as volunteers, but again this is an individual club decision, as some pay honorariums etc to these individuals.
  • Hub Placements ex HUB Supervisor.

Allocation of Game Leaders:

  • GL’s availability will be assumed “available” on any given weekend. (currently this is in reverse with GL nominating their avails through Dribl.
  • Should a GL be unavailable they are to contact the Hub Coordinator prior to the weekly roster being issued. “On the day “ issues dealt with Hub supervisor.
  • Allocated via hubs pending on club requirement.


Overview and Specifics


  •         GL Instructor
  •         GL Hub Coordinator (Appointment Coordinator)
  •         GL Mentor (Field Supervisor)
  •         Game Leader
  •         GL Trainee     


How Do I Become a Game Leader?:

Acceptable Age: 11 years and above (inclusive of adults) Candidates under 11 may be acceptable if they demonstrate aptitude and confidence.


  1.          Register on the EOI and nominate a HUB:
  2.          Read and learn the rules.
  3.          Attend an onboarding session at your (or any) Hub and start the process of becoming a Game Leader. (approximately an hour).
  4.          Participate with Guidence by a mentor in shared MiniRoo games until deemed competant by a Hub mentor. (Potentially over several weeks or 2-5 games).
  5.          Complete a solo game (full game by yourself) until a mentor passes you as a GAME LEADER.
  6.          Recieve your FREE Pink GL vest and start to be rostered onto games at your Hub (and charge for your game time to your Hub).
  7.          Register to be a Dribl Club GL and on the FOOTBALL AUSTRALIA LINK to have national acceditation.





How Do I (Club) Setup for a GL Course?:

Nominate a field and time that can accommodate:

1. Field Space (size of a tennis court)

2. Ongoing 7 v 7 games that the trainee GL’s can officiate. Best practice would be 1x full size field (divided into 4x 7v7 games) so that the GL Mentor, can monitor up to four games simultaneously. Hence vetting 8 xGL’s.

3. A GL instructor (ex CDSFA) and club mentors (or Trainee Mentors).

4. Note that if you have one field and 30 GL candidates you will need to schedule the games and their specific involvement to cater for numbers, potentially over several weeks.

GL Mentor Responsibilities:

  •        Gentle oversight of GL's
  •        Continued Q&A at half time or at end of games, building a rapport and understanding.
  •        Being contactable/accessible should any issues arise.





Files available for download