Hall of Fame - Ernie Campbell & Jim Fraser - OASIS OLDYROOS

Published Thu 13 Jun 2024

Football Canterbury - Hall of Fame - Ernie Campbell & Jim Fraser - OASIS OLDYROOS


OASIS Masters Football is sending two Australian teams, 34 players, to the 70+ & 75+ Football World Cup.

50 years ago, in June 1974, Australia for the first time had a Socceroo's team make it to a Football World Cup Tournament, this was held in Germany.

This year in August 2024 being held at Cardiff, Wales, will be the 70+ and 75+ World Cup. Website: -

Australia will field 70+ and 75+ teams at this tournament, the OASIS OLDYROOS.

The remarkable thing is that players from the 1974 Socceroos World Cup team will be playing at another World Cup 50 years later.

William Ernie Campbell and Jimmy Fraser will line up in the 75+ Australian team.


With the possibility of playing against an O/75 Germany team with players from the West Germany and East Germany teams they played against in 1974.

The 70+ will play full field 11 v 11 and 75+ will play half field 7 v 7. Each team will play 7 games in 4 days from Tuesday 19th to Friday 23rd August.

2 x 60-minute games per day in the first 3 days and finals on Friday.

This is the second time a 70+ team has competed at this tournament, winning bronze at the 2023 tournament held November at Chang Mai Thailand.

This will be the first time for us to have a 75+ team playing.

The 70+ team will take a squad of 20 players and the 75+ a squad of 14 players.


The players have to pay for every thing themselves, tournament fees, playing strips, travelling costs, accommodation, food and other costs at the tournament.

We would like to ask for some financial help for some of the players and the team overall. It is costing a minimum of $5,000 per player and up to or over $10,000 for some.

** They need your help to get them there: **

Ray Richards, Ernie Campbell, Johnny Warren