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Published Fri 06 Oct 2023

FC Sixes are scheduled to kick-off this Tuesday, 10th October, across three venues -  Beaman Park, Rudd Park and Strathfield Park, and will continue over 10 consecutive weeks until mid-December.

The Competition

There will be 9 rounds published PLUS one final round that will be published in the final week.  This 10th round will be where 1st on the ladder will play 2nd to be crowned Champions of their respective league, while all other teams will also have one final game, on the same night.

Which team are you in?

If you’re still not sure which team you’re in, please contact the club you registered to play with.

When should you get to the field?

These games are short and fast so it’s all about timing.  Please try to get your field at least 20 minutes prior to your game, as your Coach/Manager will need to submit the team 20 minutes prior to the game.  All games need to start on time, so if anything runs late with your game, it will be your game that gets cut short.

What are the rules and disciplinary procedures?

While this is a social competition for fun, there are rules and behavioural expectations. Please note that Referees can (and will) issue violations, with yellow and/or red cards.

The Rules can be found HERE or on our website on the Resources page.  The Indiscipline Process, and Judiciary Appeals Regulations apply as per the Football Canterbury winter season.

What times are the games?

Junior games will start from 5:30pm with senior games starting from 6:50pm. All matches will be finished by 9pm.  Younger teams will start first on their respective night followed by the older teams.

The draw can be accessed via the Dribl app, or by clicking here!


Your registration fee covers everything except uniforms, so if you don’t have your uniform organised already, please get in touch with the club you registered with, asap.

Uniforms must be numbered for senior teams. Numbers on jerseys are encouraged but not mandatory for junior teams: if junior teams do not have jersey numbers, they may write their number on their arm with a non-toxic texta/marker.  Every player will need to have number entered on Matchsheet, in Dribl.

Can players be borrowed?

As all leagues have only one division, you can only borrow players from a younger age group, and not from a team playing in your own age group.


Please direct any further questions or queries directly to the club you have registered to play with.

We wish all teams the very best of luck, but most importantly, an enjoyable 2023 FC Sixes season!